Recovery of tax


In 2014 we expanded our activity with another service. We have successfully started to ask for the recovery of the tax and the allowance from abroad.

Collaborating with an international law firm and a financial consulting firm, our company offers you a complex solution based on which you can request income tax recovery in some European Union countries: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium - up to four years retroactively.

Our services are available to people who have been legally employed abroad, have paid tax or social security contributions, have worked seasonally, or have worked as an authorized natural person.

Allocation recovery

The average value of the allowance is EUR 194.00 / month / child.

Children under the age of 18 or children under the age of 25 who attended the faculty / university during the period when the parents worked abroad are entitled to the allowance, provided that they belong to the same household as long as the parents worked abroad.

Both parents can apply for the allowance if they have worked abroad at different times, as well as single parents.

At the same time as submitting your application for the allowance, you can also recover the tax deducted and paid by companies from your salary.

Required documents

  • Copy of identity card
  • Copy of address book (for people in Hungary)
  • Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of birth certificate / copy of children's identity card
  • Periods of work abroad and the name of the company abroad
  • Documents issued by the employer, salary documents (If these documents are not available, we will obtain them.)
  • Valid phone number, valid email address.
Documents can be delivered in person, by post, e-mail ( or by fax (+40 260 656 233).

Important informations

If both parents worked abroad during the same period and the children were cared for by the grandparents, a copy of the identity card of the person who cared for the children is required.

Info: Recovery of tax and allowance abroad

Germany: You can claim retroactive tax for four (4) years. In the absence of prior registration, the allowance will be calculated for the last six (6) months. It is important to register as soon as possible. You can claim the family allowance retroactively for three (3) years after registration.

Austria: The tax and child allowance can be claimed for the last four (4) years, and is calculated based on the months worked in the country. It is valid for each company where you worked.

Switzerland: Tax and child allowance can be claimed for the last five (5) years. The amount of the allowance depends on whether you worked in the mountains or in the valley. By age: Up to 16 years: CHF 200-220 / month Between 16-25 years: CHF 250-270 / month If you have worked in agriculture, in addition to the monthly allowance, another 100 CHF / month is granted.

Netherlands: Recovery of the tax and part of the health insurance may be requested for a period of five (5) years retroactively.

Belgium: Tax recovery may be requested.