Compensation under European regulations on air passenger rights


Since 2004, there has been a Europe-wide regulation requiring air passengers to be entitled to financial compensation if a flight is delayed beyond acceptable limits.

If you arrive more than three hours late at your destination, you are automatically entitled to the compensation set by the European Union.

Applying is partially complicated for private individuals, so it is advisable to use a reliable partner - with us you get your money quickly and without complications.

The compensation for which you are indebted increases according to the distance you flew, up to a compensation of € 600.00.

In fact, we can claim compensation for you up to a period of 3 years retroactively. So check your tickets for your late flights today and send us your details - we'll take care of the rest.

  • Flight delay> 3h
  • Flight cancellation
  • Flight overbooking
  • Loss of connecting flight

How do I get my compensation?

Just send us your flight details

We take your case and deal with it for the best possible result

In some cases we pay the compensation for you

If successful, you can expect compensation of up to € 600.00 (minus our commission)

If we are not successful, you have no obligation to pay